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Floor Staff. New Video. The Guest.

6 Aug

Check out the wonderfully strange new video for Floor Staff’s fantastic track ‘The Guest’.


The video fits perfectly with the unique styles and sound of Floor Staff.
Get yourself over to The Button Factory this Saturday night to catch them live along with the fantastic Elaine Mai.

Here is my full review of the EP.


Wonder Villains. Re-release Zola. Video with a very special guest.

23 Jun

Wonder Villains have proved again that Gianfranco Zola is a legend as he took the time to appear in the video for their song ‘Zola’, paying homage to the man himself. A Perfectly timed release to pin itself to the madness of the World Cup as it proves music is a funny old game of two halves. When a comeback is on the cards it just takes a moment of magic and the introduction of somebody like Zola to your music video can just offer something new and create some chances.
At the end of the day it was a good song they gave it 110% and probably deserved a little more out of it.

New Single. Color//Sound. To The Countryside

18 Jun

Colour Sound

Dublin based Oisin Furlong, Brendan McGlynn, Steven McCann and Ben Roe formed Color//Sound in 2012 at BIMM Dublin.

I’ve caught them live once or twice and every time they deliver a confident and self assured performance. A diverse sound delivered through all four members of the band who seem equally comfortable in front of a microphone and on their particular instrument leads to a very powerful performance. Their new single ‘To the countryside’ shows some of the ease they possess at sliding between floating soft melodies and upbeat guitar laden indie rock. Plenty of catchy hooks and harmonies as the lead vocals trade off between different members of the band it creates a huge sound from the four piece.

With influences ranging from Elliott Smith and Jeff Buckley to Explosions In The Sky and Radiohead, the band draws inspiration from all genres and combines them to create their own explosive sound. After a year of extensive gigging alongside the countries cream of the crop, including Cathy Davey, Villagers, Little Matador, Neil Hannon & Turn. Color//Sound are set to release their new single ‘To the Countryside’ soon maybe even in a couple of days as their facebook page is counting down to something.

‘To The Countryside’ is due for release on Monday 23rd of June.

Ian O’Doherty. New Video. Woven.

16 May

Ian O’Doherty released his fanatastic new single on the 12th of May. It’s an energy filled song that feels like its struggling against its bonds, full of earnest vocals and distraught lyrics.

Here’s a nice coincidence I’m pretty sure the protagonist of Ian O’Doherty’s video is the same actor that’s in Ciaran Lavery’s new video below check it out for yourself. One things for sure he does some excellent acting in both maybe you’ll see him on the big screen somewhere soon to.

Ciaran Lavery. New Record. Kosher.

4 May

Motivation for creating content on a blog comes in waves, sometimes little ones sometimes big and sometimes none for weeks. The none for weeks happens when real life outside computers is far more important I recently got engaged so that added to spending all day working on a computer leads to not wanting to sit at a computer in my spare time. That said when you get emailed lots of music constantly it takes something special to get your attention and give you motivation to write something.

Ciaran Lavery did just that, the Belfast based solo singer is set to release a new record “kosher” on 19th June and from what I’ve heard it sounds excellent.
I often say no one writes heartbreak or loneliness like Ryan Adams, Ciaran Lavery does a damn good job and being mentioned beside Ryan Adams in any sentence I consider to be extremely high praise so check him out here ciaranlaverymusic.com but if you need more convincing read on.
Lavery delivers a perfect balance of real heartfelt lyrics and imagery through his vocals coupled with interesting and complicated melodies and structures. Drawing comparisons with Ben Howard for his style evoking such strong images of his songs through his lyrics without sacrificing the need for a strong hook or big chorus.


His debut album ‘not nearly dark’ was extremely well received critically. With the stand out track ‘little more time’ showcasing his effortless style. A slightly smokey voice just captures his feelings perfectly. tracks like ‘American’ drawing the Ryan Adams comparison most readily Ciaran Lavery wears the lofty comparisons extremely well and still delivers something unique.

He also released a brilliant little ep of covers including Talking Heads and Roy Orbison.

Anybody who covers Roy Orbison is instantly in my good books and the ability to make one of the creepiest love songs ever ‘I drove all night’ even more creepy is a wonderful accomplishment.

Catch him live in Flowerfield Arts Centre,Portstewart on the 22nd of May at 8pm.

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