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New Album. U2. Songs of Innocence.

10 Sep

So U2 surprised everybody with a sudden release of their newest offering Songs of Innocence exclusively on iTunes free for all the world to download. My hopes from January of this year for a completely un-hyped release came true giving fans a chance to judge the album on the music and nothing else. The release without any sort of build up is perfect no reviews to tell you what to think in advance, no time to re-new your hate of Bono (if your that way inclined), just the music to instantly hear and evaluate for yourself.

There’s no denying how huge it is when U2 release an album, this morning I walked the aisles of the dart and looked at so many people’s ipod screen displaying the new U2 digital album cover as they listened. A simple hand written vinyl record sleeve emphasising that that this is about the music and nothing more.

U2 Songs of Innocence

Today will be a day spent listening to the album and from my first cursory auditory glance its sounding good getting back to writing songs about real things from life, its not caught up in trying to sound like a “U2” album a lot less self indulgent than the usual ageing rock-star releases.

It’s looking like the first of a series of albums set to be released with this being mainly about the band and its members early existence in the 70’s in Dublin.

I won’t go into any more detail as I’m sure it will be reviewed to death and plenty reviews will struggle to be about the music and not the band. So have a listen for yourself and decide for yourself, because they have already made the money from itunes and the rest is just a gift for us to hear.

Listen to its first radio play exclusively by Dave Fanning here.


Acrobat. New Single & Video. Follow You Down.

11 Mar

Acrobat have released a new single and video to go with it. The song is entitled ‘Follow You Down’ its an upbeat alternative rock offering with hints of early U2 in the song writing and guitar mixed with some more American alt rock influences.
The video is a beautifully shot short film featuring the band and some pretty nasty character’s who they get into trouble with. Set in Dublin City it echoes the recent interest in crime drama’s like Love/Hate.
Acrobat have been on the up and up recently with support slots with the likes of Bastille and Mark Owen as well as getting to open for Mumford And Sons at Arthur’s Day. This April see’s the release of their debut EP ‘Follow You Down’ on April 4th through Stoneship Records. The EP will be available from iTunes, Spotify and Deezer.

U2: Ordinary Love

14 Jan

So U2 took home a well deserved Golden Globe for their song ‘Ordinary Love’ from the Soundtrack to Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom. I’ve had an up and down relationship with my love of U2, but before hearing this song I had come out on the side of really hoping for at least one more great album from Ireland’s biggest export since since the black stuff. The rumours continue as to a release date for a new album (or three). Spring 2014 seems to be the consensus opinion at the moment. I would love to see them quietly release something without hyping it up to the same level as ‘No Line On The Horizon’.

Ordinary Love is their first new release since 2009 and I think it’s a step in the right direction. While some people seem to be saying its U2 conforming to popular music of the moment, I think its more another case of slightly re-inventing themselves to be more relevant just like they did between 1993’s Zooropa and 1997’s POP.
Ordinary Love is U2 at their core, a song of hope and love with Bono’s vocals still delivering the urgency and call to listen they always have. The chorus will have people all over the world turning up their radios and singing as loud as they can in traffic without a care for who might see them.
It’s by no means the best U2 song (that would be a tough thing to be), but it’s definitely a step towards delivering another album to be proud of.
The most recent rumour is via the bands own facebook page “all about a new song called ‘Invisible’, a track the band will be releasing as part of an initiative with (RED) to support the fight against AIDS. Everybody’s really excited about the song and the band have been shooting the video in LA.” So maybe we will have another U2 song to love or hate sooner rather than later. One things for certain I’ll be hoping for love.

It’s also accompanied by a fantastic video made by the extremely talented Oliver Jeffers and Mac Premo.

We Cut Corners – Bell X1 – The Minutes – Cover Stay by U2

20 Jun

Stay (Live) – We Cut Corners, The Minutes & Paul Noonan from Robert Simpkins on Vimeo.

This video just came live from last years JD Roots gigs. This one is a fantastic version of U2’s song Stay (Faraway so close) as performed live by We Cut Corner’s, Bell x1 and The Minutes. Rare enough to see contemporary Irish artists covering songs by probably our greatest musical export U2. You can say what you like about U2 but you can’t argue with some of the music they produced over the years. I for one would love to see them come back with something special for the next album rumored to be out in September of this year. Currently under the working title of ’10 reasons to exist’.

We Cut Corners: The Leopard

We Cut Corners are due a release this year to and having seen some of the new songs live at Camden Crawl this year it should be another step in the right direction.

Bell X1: The End is nigh

Bell X1 have begun releasing singles from their newest offering with the fantastic ‘The end is nigh’ getting plenty of airtime. (A slight hint of Arcade Fire in it.)

The Minutes: Black Keys

The Minutes are another act due a release this year but information on this is thin on the ground they are playing a few festival dates including the Sea Sessions this weekend.

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