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New Album. U2. Songs of Innocence.

10 Sep

So U2 surprised everybody with a sudden release of their newest offering Songs of Innocence exclusively on iTunes free for all the world to download. My hopes from January of this year for a completely un-hyped release came true giving fans a chance to judge the album on the music and nothing else. The release without any sort of build up is perfect no reviews to tell you what to think in advance, no time to re-new your hate of Bono (if your that way inclined), just the music to instantly hear and evaluate for yourself.

There’s no denying how huge it is when U2 release an album, this morning I walked the aisles of the dart and looked at so many people’s ipod screen displaying the new U2 digital album cover as they listened. A simple hand written vinyl record sleeve emphasising that that this is about the music and nothing more.

U2 Songs of Innocence

Today will be a day spent listening to the album and from my first cursory auditory glance its sounding good getting back to writing songs about real things from life, its not caught up in trying to sound like a “U2” album a lot less self indulgent than the usual ageing rock-star releases.

It’s looking like the first of a series of albums set to be released with this being mainly about the band and its members early existence in the 70’s in Dublin.

I won’t go into any more detail as I’m sure it will be reviewed to death and plenty reviews will struggle to be about the music and not the band. So have a listen for yourself and decide for yourself, because they have already made the money from itunes and the rest is just a gift for us to hear.

Listen to its first radio play exclusively by Dave Fanning here.


The Next Soundtrack To Your Campaign.

22 May

Just to prove I do have some form of professional merit, here is a little piece of an article I wrote for RMG’s website about up and coming bands for this year in Ireland who might lend themselves to your next advertising campaign or film.

The Academic are a four-piece indie rock/pop band hailing from Mullingar. With an average age of 18 these boys have the world at their feet. A sold out headline gig in Whelans last November saw the place jam–packed with A/R people from record labels in Ireland and England.

Their debut single Bear Claws has racked up over 73,677 views in the 11 months since the video was uploaded taking into account that it was self released without any real PR campaign it has been played on most of the major radio stations and had plenty of nods from some of the biggest music blogs and websites in Ireland. So if you need something upbeat and radio friendly that captures all those feelings of youth and wraps them up in catchy melodies. The Academic will be your band this year.


Click here for the full article.

On a side note The Academic have also just announced a slot at this year’s Benicassim festival since the article was written so things are already on the up and up for them check em out before they are all over the place.

Raglans Steps To The Debut Album. New Video.

14 Jan

Raglans are taking the steps to their debut album. After breaking onto the Irish music scene with a bang in 2012 they have expanded into the UK with tours. They have just released a new video again from Finn Keenan. This one has the look of a more mature band ready to attempt the big time.

Making the move from a ones to watch band to an established, radio playlist, iTunes chart band is tough but these boys have had the right build up so far, now all they need is the album to fulfill the promise of so many great live shows and videos. Here’s hoping.

Check out some previous reviews of the boys here.

Itsatangent Playlist Fifteen. June 2013. Love and Loss at the end of the world.

26 Jun

Itsatangent Playlist Fifteen. June 2013. Love and Loss at the end of the world.

Itsatangent Playlist Fifteen. June 2013. Love and Loss at the end of the world. Feat: Bell x1, Floor Staff, Middle East, Rhob Cunningham, John Grant, Raglans, Tall Ships, Bruce Springsteen, Chvrches, JJ72, etc.

When Brave Bird Saved – A short film from Laura Marling.

26 Apr

In advance of her new album ‘Once I Was An Eagle’ Laura Marling has released a short film featuring four new songs all in a row. 18 minutes of sitting happily with your headphones on.

Laura Marling: When Brave Bird Saved

A nice slice of continued maturity in Laura Marling fantastic folk delivery.

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