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New Album. U2. Songs of Innocence.

10 Sep

So U2 surprised everybody with a sudden release of their newest offering Songs of Innocence exclusively on iTunes free for all the world to download. My hopes from January of this year for a completely un-hyped release came true giving fans a chance to judge the album on the music and nothing else. The release without any sort of build up is perfect no reviews to tell you what to think in advance, no time to re-new your hate of Bono (if your that way inclined), just the music to instantly hear and evaluate for yourself.

There’s no denying how huge it is when U2 release an album, this morning I walked the aisles of the dart and looked at so many people’s ipod screen displaying the new U2 digital album cover as they listened. A simple hand written vinyl record sleeve emphasising that that this is about the music and nothing more.

U2 Songs of Innocence

Today will be a day spent listening to the album and from my first cursory auditory glance its sounding good getting back to writing songs about real things from life, its not caught up in trying to sound like a “U2” album a lot less self indulgent than the usual ageing rock-star releases.

It’s looking like the first of a series of albums set to be released with this being mainly about the band and its members early existence in the 70’s in Dublin.

I won’t go into any more detail as I’m sure it will be reviewed to death and plenty reviews will struggle to be about the music and not the band. So have a listen for yourself and decide for yourself, because they have already made the money from itunes and the rest is just a gift for us to hear.

Listen to its first radio play exclusively by Dave Fanning here.


New Irish Music – Hozier – Take Me To The Church

26 Jul
Hozier. Credit Hozier Facebook.

Hozier. Credit Hozier Facebook.

Hozier (Andrew Hozier-Byrne) hails from the beautiful county of Wicklow in Ireland. His music on the other hand seems to come from the Blues born in Chicago, Kansas, Detroit and other wandering parts of America filtered through an Irish view of life with its folk music and traditional story telling.

Take Me To The Church is Hozier’s debut 4 track EP and its an instant favourite with a beautiful mix of loud, rousing, blues influenced anthem and a blend of Irish tinged folk throughout the songs. It shows a great potential for further exploration in a full album format. Hozier’s bluesy vocals carrying across the music linking everything together including his most folk influenced song on the EP ‘Like Real People Do’. In moments he sounds like James Vincent McMorrow or Justin Vernon(Bon Iver) but always mixed with the same Soulful Blues influenced music of the likes of Cold War Kids or Stevie Wonder.
A fine addition to Ireland’s current music scene filling a niche nobody else seemed to know was there.

Catch him live at the wonderful Unitarian Church, Dublin On September 10th.

Hozier: Cherry Wine Live

New Album – Volcano Choir – Repave

24 Jul

Volcano Choir. Credit Volcano Choir Facebook

Volcano Choir. Credit Volcano Choir Facebook

Volcano Choir are set to release their follow-up to 2009’s Unmap. Repave is set for release on the 3rd of September. Volcano Choir are Justin Vernon (Bon Iver), Jon Mueller (Death Blues) and Thomas Wincek (of All Tiny Creatures). They have also added Matthew Skemp on bass, who also plays in All Tiny Creatures. It’s hard to have Justin Vernon’s voice and for everybody not to just hear Bon Iver, but Volcano Choir while floating in similar veins of music seem to have more bite to the music offering something more than the melancholy brilliance of Bon Iver. So if it’s a bit more grit and dirt in the music you want but still Justin Vernon’s influence along with some other very talented musicians check out Volcano Choir’s latest offering.

Volcano Choir: Repave

Volcano Choir: Byegone

Itsatangent Playlist Two September 25 2012

25 Sep

My second playlist of no particular theme plenty of Irish bands on it but just a bunch of stuff I’ve been listening to in the last few months. Feat: The Staics, Funeral Suits, The Cast Of Cheers, Hush War Cry, Agnes Obel, Marcus Foster, Rhob Cunningham,Toby Kaar, Polarbear, Hey Rosetta and more.

Check it out on youtube here.

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The Cast of Cheers, Whelans September 2012

20 Sep

A Wednesday in the middle of the week in the middle of September is not what you would imagine to be a good time for a gig. September & October are months filled with gigs with the end of the festival season and everybody returning from holidays, the country seems to flood with bands playing the yearly gigs of touring and promoting new releases.
With so much choice you might think a gig mid-week, when you could go to so many others at the weekend might be off to a bad start but you might be thinking wrong.
Safe to say I’ve been busy recently so the prospect of going to a gig last night when I was very tired was daunting, there was football on tv, warm couches to sit on and food to eat. But I had tickets and I just knew I couldn’t miss The Cast Of Cheers live having missed them before. So I picked up my equally lethargic friend and headed to town in hope of a seat or a wall to lean on in Whelans from where I could enjoy the show and relax at the same time (how silly a thought that was when I knew what to expect from these guys live).

I arrived at Whelans at 8.30pm which is early enough for most shows in the venue as doors where 8.00pm. Well Whelans was already packed and the support act Kowalski had just hit the stage to a very big crowd. Kowalski I had only a vague recollection of the name with little to no knowledge of the band. Well I can say it was yet again another pleasant surprise these guys are solid, with a nice mix of electro, indie and rock. The vocals have moments of Death Cab For Cutie but driven by music similar to Two Door Cinema Club. For some reason I cant figure out, I wanted to say feeder aswell but I can’t put my finger on why, maybe somebody else will. It’s a nice contrast of the softer vocals driven by pumping bass and synths. Well worth checking out.

Kowalski: Outdoors.

The Cast Of Cheers: Family.

By the time the headliners took to the stage Whelans was completely packed you couldn’t move anywhere, people might as-well have been hanging from the rafters. The lads took to the stage in complete darkness to huge cheers from a very excited crowd. From the moment the first song began you just knew this gig was going to be special the crowd were up for it, the band are on top form ready for the first night of their tour and no mid-week, work the next morning rain or any other excuse was going to make a difference.
The Cast Of Cheers have crossed a bridge in music that I have always wanted someone to try, they play the kind of instrumental music we hear from bands like ASIWYFA, Adebisi Shank and Enemies, fast changing almost dance or classical music played with rock instruments. Except they also have an amazing vocalist and catchy lyrics it crosses the two styles very nicely. They have a talent for producing choruses that a crowd can scream back at them as they play see the video below for an example.

The Cast Of Cheers: Goose.

The lads absolutely blew the roof off Whelans, the crowd sang back every word they could muster in between fits of clapping to the high-speed beats of the songs. It was also nice to see how much fun the lads where having on stage and the joy in their faces was unmistakable as the crowd sang their songs back at them. Towards the end of the show the boys finished out a song with a different percussion piece in each of their hands bringing the show to the encore nicely.
As they returned to the stage and kicked into the crowd favourite “Family”, the crowd surfers got going and the crowd bounced to the end of the show.

The Cast Of Cheers: They call it a race.

A Cock and Bull Tv Video.

So while I set out for the night tired and not feeling in the gig mood it took all of thirty seconds of The Cast Of Cheers live to blow the cobwebs out and have me flying for the length of their show and until I hit my pillow that night.

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