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Midnight Hour, Whelan’s, #4 feat: Redwoods, Fears, Skyward Rifles.

22 Feb

The Midnight Hour at Whelans

This Thursday the 27th of February sees the return of the monthly Midnight Hour gig Upstairs at Whelans. Kicking off at 12.00 and finishing somewhere around 2.00 having taken in three brilliant up and coming Irish bands it’s the best way to spend your Thursday this week. Best of all you can get in free, just send a message to any of the bands or Pickled Onion Records and you can get on the list. Run by Irish independent label Pickled Onion Records the night features Redwoods a young four piece Irish band from Greystones who released their debut ep last year and got themselves a spot on The Late Late Show. Delivering an upbeat indie pop sound with influences from american noughties punk pop and tiny hints of ska with the odd brass instrument thrown in.

Redwoods: Me and My Mates.

Fears are a different story altogether playing more subdued atmospheric alternative rock with electronic influences think Ladytron with a hint of folk. The only bio about them online is that they write music in car parks at night-time. So I can tell you they are from Ireland and they deliver a fantastic, moody and atmospheric live set. They’re a nice mystery for you to unravel on the night.


Skyward Rifles round out the night perfectly with another combination sound of electro indie rock, heavily influenced by the likes of New Order and Echo And The Bunnymen and other 80’s New wave bands they have a polished and professional sound.


Check out the event on facebook here and get yourself on the list for free.


Itsatangent Playlist Eighteen. January 2014. The start of something good.

30 Jan

Itsatangent Playlist Eighteen. January 2014. Feat:
Monsenior, Eulogys, James Vincent McMorrow, Colour//Sound, Moxie, The Academic, Biggles Flys Again, Whales In Cubicles, Cat Dowling etc…



World Send. Eulogys. New Single.

26 Jan


Eulogys a Cork/Dublin based duo composed of Kenny Hyland and Peter Bourke who produce wandering, evocative, cinematic, harmony laden pop. Their first release Ambergriss & Tigerblood way back in 2011 garnered the band a loyal following and was well received critically. A fine showing of the diversity in sound this duo can produce from nostalgic soul and blues influenced pop, to theatrical rock.

World Send is their first single release since teaming up with Pickled Onion records. An electro inspired folk-pop track bursting with harmonies, hand clap’s and ambient guitars. The vocals drive the song with a huge sing-along chorus showcasing the bands penchant for a catchy melody. Steady beats throughout keep up the pace while the harmonies create a soundscape you can step in to and walk around. The animated video that accompanies the song fits perfectly as you’re invited into a new world and taken on a journey with the main characters, the very feeling you find in every song Eulogys produce.


Think The Shins, Foals, Funeral Suits, etc.
Catch them live at Sunday Roast in The Mercantile tonight. Or listen in to Radio Nova at 6pm.


Leanne Harte. The Welcome Return.

16 Jan

Leanne Harte
Leanne Harte has returned in a solo sense to the world of music. Having broken the Irish music scene at the tender age of 15 and suffering all the ups and downs of any normal music career it lead to her taking a well deserved break from the industry. But thankfully it didn’t scare her away completely as Leanne continued to play guitar as part of Queen Kong and the electro-rock burlesque troupe Midnight Burlectro. This continued to ease her back towards a solo career and her love of songwriting and performance.
2013 saw the release of Restless Sleepers the new EP from Leanne Harte. A welcome return from one of our most talented singer songwriters.

A five track EP full of clever melodic hooks and honest emotive lyrics. From the opening acoustic guitar of title track Restless Sleepers with its imploring vocals calling for understanding from the songs subject. Before the strings and electric guitar arrive in the chorus to change the feeling of the song to something more of resolution and determination.
Wrote Away is a softer more emotional affair with the same strained vocals dragging you headlong into the song.
The last song on the EP ‘Not Another Love Song’ has a quality to it that I personally love to find randomly in a song. It’s what I like to the call the “this could be a James Bond movie song” (could probably come up with a snazzier title). It’s a strange occurrence that happens I think when certain song structures are paired with certain guitar effects. The twangy delayed sound of the guitar throughout, accompanied by strong lead vocals driving along with the drums and bass, before dropping into the bridge where the guitar gets some whammy-bar style wavers. The guitar solo has that strung out twangy falsetto sound in spades leading the song toward its closing chorus. While I’m sure not everybody agrees with that idea I think it’s a fine quality in at least one song by any artist everybody knows James Bond and even sub consciously being linked to the likes of Shirley Bassey can never be a bad thing. Another example like The Last Shadow Puppets (The age of the understatement) just to show it’s not a once off.
Anyway that’s besides the point, the point being welcome back Leanne Harte and keep bringing us more good music.

Catch Leanne live 25th January – Supporting Ewa Gigon – The Joinery, Arbor Hill, Dublin.
26th January – Saucy Sundays, Grand Social, Dublin.

Monsenior at Sweeneys. Wild Promises at Whelans Tonight.

16 Jan

Just a quick reminder that you can catch two great bands live tonight. Fresh from their appearance’s at Whelan’s Ones To Watch Festival.
Monsenior hit Sweeneys on Dame St tonight at 9.45pm as part of Dimestore Recordings.



Midnight Hour at Whelans.
Then you will have plenty of time to make Midnight Hour at Whelan’s hosted by Pickled Onion Records where you can catch the wonderful Wild Promises kicking off at 24.00hrs.


On the night you can also catch Death in the sickroom and The Sour Seeds. Tweet or Facebook any of the bands or Pickled Onion Records to get on the guest list for free entry if there is any space left.


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