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New Album. U2. Songs of Innocence.

10 Sep

So U2 surprised everybody with a sudden release of their newest offering Songs of Innocence exclusively on iTunes free for all the world to download. My hopes from January of this year for a completely un-hyped release came true giving fans a chance to judge the album on the music and nothing else. The release without any sort of build up is perfect no reviews to tell you what to think in advance, no time to re-new your hate of Bono (if your that way inclined), just the music to instantly hear and evaluate for yourself.

There’s no denying how huge it is when U2 release an album, this morning I walked the aisles of the dart and looked at so many people’s ipod screen displaying the new U2 digital album cover as they listened. A simple hand written vinyl record sleeve emphasising that that this is about the music and nothing more.

U2 Songs of Innocence

Today will be a day spent listening to the album and from my first cursory auditory glance its sounding good getting back to writing songs about real things from life, its not caught up in trying to sound like a “U2” album a lot less self indulgent than the usual ageing rock-star releases.

It’s looking like the first of a series of albums set to be released with this being mainly about the band and its members early existence in the 70’s in Dublin.

I won’t go into any more detail as I’m sure it will be reviewed to death and plenty reviews will struggle to be about the music and not the band. So have a listen for yourself and decide for yourself, because they have already made the money from itunes and the rest is just a gift for us to hear.

Listen to its first radio play exclusively by Dave Fanning here.


Itsatangent Playlist Thirteen. May 2013. Quiet and Loud.

1 May

Itsatangent Playlist Thirteen

Itsatangent Playlist Thirteen. May 2013. Quiet and Loud. Feat John Fullbright, Daft Punk, The Milk, Jenny Hval, The National, Eels, Savages, Little Green Cars, etc.

Stream David Bowies New Album Here.

2 Mar

David Bowies New Album The Next Day free on itunes as it streams. Click Here.

David Bowie:Where Are We Now?

The National to play Marquee in Cork in June.

19 Feb

Holy Shit is all I can say, Ive managed to miss these guys live somehow several times especially with how fast their gigs sell out.

So next Thursday morning I’m gonna have to be on the ball.
Check out info here.

The National: Bloodbuzz Ohio

Itsatangent Playlist Eight: The Christmas Edition

13 Dec

Itsatangent Playlist Eight: The Christmas Edition

A nice little Christmas playlist with some of the songs you wont hear in every shop this time of year. But obviously couldn’t leave out some classics.

Merry Christmas.

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