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Wonder Villains. Re-release Zola. Video with a very special guest.

23 Jun

Wonder Villains have proved again that Gianfranco Zola is a legend as he took the time to appear in the video for their song ‘Zola’, paying homage to the man himself. A Perfectly timed release to pin itself to the madness of the World Cup as it proves music is a funny old game of two halves. When a comeback is on the cards it just takes a moment of magic and the introduction of somebody like Zola to your music video can just offer something new and create some chances.
At the end of the day it was a good song they gave it 110% and probably deserved a little more out of it.


The Crayon Set. New Single. Attack

30 Mar


While on my way to host The Midnight Hour last night in Whelan’s. I arrived early enough to catch the second half of The Crayon Set’s show for the launch of their new single ‘The Attack’.
Whelan’s was fairly jammed for early on a Saturday night and with good reason. The Crayon Set delivered a solid assured performance full of energy as they juggled between instruments including a double bass, violin, flute, acoustic and electric guitars. The Crayon Set have a wide range in sound with dual male and female vocals and the wide range of instruments available to the band bouncing from jaunty country/folk sounds to larger more electric rock all coloured beautifully with Violin. Especially their new single ‘Attack’ which has one of the best Violin riffs you’ll hear. The six piece released their debut album last year, but judging by their new single its big things ahead.

Check em out here.


The Crayon Set live at Whelans.

Raglans Steps To The Debut Album. New Video.

14 Jan

Raglans are taking the steps to their debut album. After breaking onto the Irish music scene with a bang in 2012 they have expanded into the UK with tours. They have just released a new video again from Finn Keenan. This one has the look of a more mature band ready to attempt the big time.

Making the move from a ones to watch band to an established, radio playlist, iTunes chart band is tough but these boys have had the right build up so far, now all they need is the album to fulfill the promise of so many great live shows and videos. Here’s hoping.

Check out some previous reviews of the boys here.

Monsenior: Whelan’s Ones To Watch Festival Spotlight.

6 Jan


My first artist spotlight for the Whelan’s Ones To Watch Festival is a band I’ve known for a couple of years. Monsenior quietly went about releasing their first self titled ep back in 2011 playing a handful of gigs here and there. Monsenior are an alternative pop two piece from Dublin, which is about all the information you can find about the band. Their sound is alt-pop sandwiched between some folk/country and 60’s nostalgia. The 4 track EP is a slice of happiness, with its tight arrangements and upbeat catchy melodies reminding you of what pop was supposed to be before it became a catch-all, chart music expression. Rumors abound after a flurry of gigs over the last two months that there is another EP waiting for release so keep your eyes on these guys, after all there’s a reason it’s called the Ones To Watch Festival.
Catch these guys at the Whelan’s Ones to Watch Festival. Wednesday 8th January, 10:45 pm.

Tall Tales the opening track is a bass and drum bouncing track with nice jangling, rolling guitar to add colour. Structurally the song builds and drops through the verse leading you to the bridge where the song builds again with punches from both bass and drums kept in line with hand claps, harmonies and wandering guitar till it ends in a final chorus with all the intricate instrumentation coming together to a beautiful stop.

Seven Bells follows on in the Monsenior style of subtle instrumentation with added tambourine and keys. There is more focus on the vocals and lyrics in this one without losing any attention to the catchy hooks and clever structure as the song is almost divided in three between the slightly acoustic opening, the full-blown mid-section and the instrumental fade-out at the end.

Simple Miss changes things up with its piano intro and arguably could be called the sad song on the ep purely from the mix of lyrics and something they produce in the overall sound, especially when compared with the other tracks on this ep. You can really hear the beautiful vocal harmonies during the outro.

Head Screwed On is arguably the simplest of the songs with the biggest tinge of country with a little pedal steel guitar thrown in and the constant train-like beat from the shakers. It’s also got one of the catchiest hooks you’re likely to hear from an Irish band in recent years. Try not to tap your feet or nod your head to this one.

Think Paul Simon, Field Music, Bright Eyes, The Shins and Death Cab for Cutie.
Can’t make it to the Ones to Watch Festival, no need to worry catch the guys next week at Sweeney’s Dimestore Recordings
Thursday, January 16 at 9:30pm
Sweeneys Bar in Dublin.

Shugo Tokumaru: Katachi (Stop Motion Paper Craft Video)

22 Mar

This video is amazing, the patience required to do this must have been immense about the only thing that would have made it possible to spend so long fiddling about with paper was probably listening to the lovely weird Folk from this experimental Japanese artist. It’s a lovely catchy melody that makes the fact that you may not speak Japanese or understand a word he’s singing completely moot. When a song is good a song is good.

Shugo Tokumaru: Katachi

That video is just such a deadly idea and a lovely aesthetic effect allowing for a visual echo of the motion created by the paper. It all seems so very Japanese as well which only adds to the soft laid-back folk pop sound being produced.

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