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Wonder Villains. Re-release Zola. Video with a very special guest.

23 Jun

Wonder Villains have proved again that Gianfranco Zola is a legend as he took the time to appear in the video for their song ‘Zola’, paying homage to the man himself. A Perfectly timed release to pin itself to the madness of the World Cup as it proves music is a funny old game of two halves. When a comeback is on the cards it just takes a moment of magic and the introduction of somebody like Zola to your music video can just offer something new and create some chances.
At the end of the day it was a good song they gave it 110% and probably deserved a little more out of it.


Getting yourself ready for Euro 2012.

21 May

So as Ireland are finally in another major football championship we have the added bonus of the songs that come out in support of the team. Now there are some shocking attempts at music that have come about when we get into a major competition, but every now and again their are gems. All in all it doesnt matter its great craic anyway and you cant beat the excitement of Ireland playing in the Euro’s, even though on paper we shouldn’t even get out of the group let alone get to a final but you cant help but dream especially thanks to ads like this.

Its with all the songs flying around at the moment that I heard this collection Sing Up For The Boys In Green a compilation album, by a host of contemporary bands performing songs about Ireland’s past moments in football, including the infamous John Aldridge and the Yellow Hat Man from 1994. Its suprisngly got some really catchy songs with more emphasis on the music and the actual song than the usual throw a football chant on it and its done. Well worth a listen if you’re as football crazy as me. Im enough of a fan to be deaf and blind when it comes to the songs and its all abit of fun instead of complaining about the weather for abit.

So If they dont do it for ya here is some of the classics for better or worse.

Horslips and Jack together.

5mins in, Joxer.


Rocky Road To Poland.

I cant belive Im putting this hear but I said better or worse.

Funzo catchy as ….

Abit of Ska.

Ive run out of things to say.



Now while I take no responsibility for the quality of music in this post, its more about the things people do for football and how glad I am they do.

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