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Wonder Villains. Re-release Zola. Video with a very special guest.

23 Jun

Wonder Villains have proved again that Gianfranco Zola is a legend as he took the time to appear in the video for their song ‘Zola’, paying homage to the man himself. A Perfectly timed release to pin itself to the madness of the World Cup as it proves music is a funny old game of two halves. When a comeback is on the cards it just takes a moment of magic and the introduction of somebody like Zola to your music video can just offer something new and create some chances.
At the end of the day it was a good song they gave it 110% and probably deserved a little more out of it.


Daniel James. New Single. The Bridge.

13 Mar

Daniel_James The Bridge

I’m loving this new single from Daniel James. The bridge is an upbeat instantly catchy alt pop track with electronic beats and a seriously catchy hook.

The Bridge which will be released April 21st through Grey Sky Records. The track takes its source from a 1984 documentary about street kids in Seattle dealing with sex and drugs; ‘The Bridge’ is the place they escape to for moments of connecting with their true innocence.
Daniel who hails from Northern Ireland but now resides in London, recently toured with Sam Smith and will be performing dates with Saint Raymond this month along with festival appearances in May.

And you can even get a free download track called ‘Gallaher Blues‘.

There is also another track called ‘A lonely man’ only a demo, not that you can tell its got hit written all over it especially with the chorus.

Floor Staff – The Good Luck Ep

28 May
Floor Staff Credit Floor Staff The Good Luck Ep

Floor Staff Credit Floor Staff The Good Luck Ep

Have I mentioned how much I love new music. Below is the perfect example of why.

Floor Staff are a duo placed somewhere between indie and pop, Anthony Donnelly and Stephen Murray are the men behind this fantastic new Ep.
While this is a debut Ep it has the feel of a very polished and confident approach, so I would hazard a guess that these guys have been in a band before. It’s this confidence that makes the Ep shine, the songs have an instant impact it only takes one listen to enjoy. Confident Melodies, Harmonies and Vocals are complimented by a large array of instrumentation such as Saxophones, Cello, Violin, Shakers and drums on top of the usual without over-powering the duo’s songwriting. The Ep cover is pretty nice not just a generic photo a bit of work put into creating the logo and carrying it across as an identity for the Ep.

The Ep opens with The Guest, a laid-back pop song with some 80’s sensibilities (think Le Galaxie or This Club). The chorus is catchy and that beat will be what you’re shuffling to hours after hearing it. But not to be pigeon-holed the next track Good Luck goes in a slightly different direction opening with choral sounding vocal harmonies before the beat kicks in and takes the tempo up (a little hint of the most recent Bon Iver album) the song becomes a driving tune with a simple guitar hook through out before ending with a flourish of orchestra tuning. Just to keep the trend of genre hopping the third track Owe Everything is a more vocally based song with nice simple guitar underneath with trumpets and backing vocals filling out the sound. A highlight of this Ep is fourth track The Oldest Mind a melancholic and slightly bluesy song of thanks and apologies. The instrumentation feels more stripped back you can hear how this song would work with just vocals and guitar showing the duo’s song writing talent. The Funeral march an appropriate name for a closing song if I’ve ever heard one. It ends the ep with a sense of whats to come from a full album. As the music builds to the middle of the track before slowly fading with echoed keys and vocals leaving you wanting more.

I defy you to listen to The Good Luck Ep without feeling the need to move your feet or bob your head.

Floor Staff are set to play their first gig and launch The Good Luck EP at Twisted Pepper on Friday 12 July as part of 10 Days In Dublin festival. The Good Luck EP is only €4 to download from their Bandcamp.

Check them out on Facebook here.

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