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Is it ever too late to post about a great song? David Keenan “Cobwebs”

20 Feb

I have loved this and forgotten it and loved it again several times this last hectic year.  While my time and energy have not recently been spent in writing and sharing my love of all things music. I felt this one deserved a moment.

A truly emphatic voice which bears a sound of experience and life far beyond it’s singers years. The song transports you into it’s world within the first few words, setting the scene for the briefest glance of a tumultuous relationship. It hints at the artists depth of influence, as it evokes a folk history touching Irish, British and American roots. It floats into a crescendo that is somehow airy, ethereal and heavy at the same time. An effect  that seems to come from the combination of the soulful, rough vocals and the guitars that reverberate as if played in the room with you.

Hopefully you find something in it to enjoy as much as I do.


In wonderful timing as always with these things, he has some new stuff on the way and an Irish tour with plenty of dates  links here on his Facebook.




Positively Fuming the soundtrack to your anger.

17 Feb

This playlist is filled with songs for that moment when you feel angry, not the kind of angry where you want to shout at someone,moan or break something. The kind of anger that you can channel into something more positive, anger that gets you up and moving. Anger that comes on when you realise ‘you’ need to make the changes you want to see in any situation. Music when you need something to drive you forward.


Music can catch this feeling perfectly, its that feeling at a gig when all you want is to jump and sing, loud and full in the middle of a swelling and surging crowd. So when a crowd to lose yourself in and burn off that energy is not readily available try finding your own “positively fuming” tracks and put them on and do something useful. Use that energy somewhere and don’t let it fizzle away to nothing.  Music to sustain it, music to direct it, music to release it.

This playlist will continue to grow as I find the songs that catch this feeling.

If the playlist doesn’t appear for you click here to view Positively Fuming.

New Album. U2. Songs of Innocence.

10 Sep

So U2 surprised everybody with a sudden release of their newest offering Songs of Innocence exclusively on iTunes free for all the world to download. My hopes from January of this year for a completely un-hyped release came true giving fans a chance to judge the album on the music and nothing else. The release without any sort of build up is perfect no reviews to tell you what to think in advance, no time to re-new your hate of Bono (if your that way inclined), just the music to instantly hear and evaluate for yourself.

There’s no denying how huge it is when U2 release an album, this morning I walked the aisles of the dart and looked at so many people’s ipod screen displaying the new U2 digital album cover as they listened. A simple hand written vinyl record sleeve emphasising that that this is about the music and nothing more.

U2 Songs of Innocence

Today will be a day spent listening to the album and from my first cursory auditory glance its sounding good getting back to writing songs about real things from life, its not caught up in trying to sound like a “U2” album a lot less self indulgent than the usual ageing rock-star releases.

It’s looking like the first of a series of albums set to be released with this being mainly about the band and its members early existence in the 70’s in Dublin.

I won’t go into any more detail as I’m sure it will be reviewed to death and plenty reviews will struggle to be about the music and not the band. So have a listen for yourself and decide for yourself, because they have already made the money from itunes and the rest is just a gift for us to hear.

Listen to its first radio play exclusively by Dave Fanning here.

New Single. Color//Sound. To The Countryside

18 Jun

Colour Sound

Dublin based Oisin Furlong, Brendan McGlynn, Steven McCann and Ben Roe formed Color//Sound in 2012 at BIMM Dublin.

I’ve caught them live once or twice and every time they deliver a confident and self assured performance. A diverse sound delivered through all four members of the band who seem equally comfortable in front of a microphone and on their particular instrument leads to a very powerful performance. Their new single ‘To the countryside’ shows some of the ease they possess at sliding between floating soft melodies and upbeat guitar laden indie rock. Plenty of catchy hooks and harmonies as the lead vocals trade off between different members of the band it creates a huge sound from the four piece.

With influences ranging from Elliott Smith and Jeff Buckley to Explosions In The Sky and Radiohead, the band draws inspiration from all genres and combines them to create their own explosive sound. After a year of extensive gigging alongside the countries cream of the crop, including Cathy Davey, Villagers, Little Matador, Neil Hannon & Turn. Color//Sound are set to release their new single ‘To the Countryside’ soon maybe even in a couple of days as their facebook page is counting down to something.

‘To The Countryside’ is due for release on Monday 23rd of June.

Future Islands set for Vicar St date.

9 Apr

If you are going to catch one synth pop trio this year make sure its this one. Future Islands are set to return to Ireland after their stellar performance in Whelans back in 2012. This time with a lot more attention following the release of their brilliant new single Season’s and a performance on Letterman that went viral very quickly due to the energetic and enthralling dancing of Lead singer Samuel T. Herring. They return to rather more sizeable surroundings of Vicar St. This one will sell out quickly get your tickets tomorrow morning.


Tickets are €20 and go on sale tomorrow (10th April) at 9am. You will be able to buy them here.

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