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Positively Fuming the soundtrack to your anger.

17 Feb

This playlist is filled with songs for that moment when you feel angry, not the kind of angry where you want to shout at someone,moan or break something. The kind of anger that you can channel into something more positive, anger that gets you up and moving. Anger that comes on when you realise ‘you’ need to make the changes you want to see in any situation. Music when you need something to drive you forward.


Music can catch this feeling perfectly, its that feeling at a gig when all you want is to jump and sing, loud and full in the middle of a swelling and surging crowd. So when a crowd to lose yourself in and burn off that energy is not readily available try finding your own “positively fuming” tracks and put them on and do something useful. Use that energy somewhere and don’t let it fizzle away to nothing.  Music to sustain it, music to direct it, music to release it.

This playlist will continue to grow as I find the songs that catch this feeling.

If the playlist doesn’t appear for you click here to view Positively Fuming.


Itsatangent Playlist Twenty. Motivation is Key.

23 Jun

Itsatangent Playlist Twenty. Motivation is Key. Feat: Color//sound, Vann Music, Hozier, Wild Promises, The Eskies, Vance Joy, Kiesza etc.



Itsatangent Playlist Nineteen. March 2014. Doubles and plenty of Happiness.

21 Mar

Itsatangent Playlist Nineteen. March 2014. Doubles and plenty of Happiness.
Feat: The Hot Sprockets, We Are Scientists, Monsenior, Wonder Villains, Land Lovers, The Dead Heavys, Kaiser Chiefs, Ingrid Michaelson, Hozier, Wet, Bombay Bicycle Club, Kid Coy, etc.

Itsatangent Playlist Eighteen. January 2014. The start of something good.

30 Jan

Itsatangent Playlist Eighteen. January 2014. Feat:
Monsenior, Eulogys, James Vincent McMorrow, Colour//Sound, Moxie, The Academic, Biggles Flys Again, Whales In Cubicles, Cat Dowling etc…



Whelan’s Ones To Watch Festival Playlist.

7 Jan

Here is two playlists covering almost all of the acts at this years Ones To Watch Festival.

Part One.

Part Two.

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