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Is it ever too late to post about a great song? David Keenan “Cobwebs”

20 Feb

I have loved this and forgotten it and loved it again several times this last hectic year.  While my time and energy have not recently been spent in writing and sharing my love of all things music. I felt this one deserved a moment.

A truly emphatic voice which bears a sound of experience and life far beyond it’s singers years. The song transports you into it’s world within the first few words, setting the scene for the briefest glance of a tumultuous relationship. It hints at the artists depth of influence, as it evokes a folk history touching Irish, British and American roots. It floats into a crescendo that is somehow airy, ethereal and heavy at the same time. An effect  that seems to come from the combination of the soulful, rough vocals and the guitars that reverberate as if played in the room with you.

Hopefully you find something in it to enjoy as much as I do.


In wonderful timing as always with these things, he has some new stuff on the way and an Irish tour with plenty of dates  links here on his Facebook.




New Single – Easier Day – Little Green Cars

4 Mar

12647291_10153940156118928_4611533786451603942_nLittle Green Cars have returned, after their sky rocket from dublin music scene stalwarts to international fame and an Irish Number 1.  The release of their single ‘John Wayne’ and the follow up debut album Absolute Zero in 2013 brought the band hoards of new fans. Expectations will be high for their next release.

The fears of any second album syndrome will be well and truly erased with one listen to their new single. Driven by a beautiful vocal from lead singer Faye O’Rourke the song builds from a wonderfully simple and sombre start until the lead guitar washes over you, the sound of which is so perfectly captured you will find it hard not to believe its being played in  the room with you.

The sound is confident and mature showing the bands growth over the last few years of a life changing career trajectory , good signs for the new album seeing them fulfill all the promise and talent shown in their first offering. I can see this song being a slow burner garnering more and more attention as it goes.


New album ‘Ephemera’ is now available for preorder. It’s released on March 11th and you can find it on


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