Swords. Hips. Cannot get enough of this track.

4 Apr

Swords released their single Hips on March 2nd and its up over ten thousand views on youtube. It’s such a perfect blend of atmospheric, melancholy vocals and a perfect uplifting melody that counter each other to create something special. An Irish trio who blend guitars, synths, samples, drums, and piano hooks with haunting and intimate vocals.



So far this could be one of my tracks of the year. It’s a perfect headphones on, sitting on the dart, staring at a rainy Irish landscape song. Allowing you to get all emo and imagine yourself in a really nicely shot moody music video as you make your way home from work.
The video is also a perfect accompaniment as you’re not quite sure where it starts or ends leaving you wondering what exactly is going on with the main characters. A mix of dark mystery and hopeful love echo the emotions of the song nicely. Currently writing with only a couple of gigs coming up around easter, expect some new material this year and judging by what we’ve heard so far expect something really nice.

Check out more from Swords at their website www.swordsband.com
Soundcloud here.


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