Kaiser Chiefs, how I discovered live music and ended up here.

8 Mar

Kaiser Chiefs are back from the brink of band extinction it seems. I remember getting a compilation CD called ‘the bands 05‘ I think it was the moment that launched me down the path of indie music having never heard of the scene in my little hometown in Ireland where everybody was listening to emo, classic rock or metal. While I did know some Irish bands (Turn, Snow Patrol,JJ72), I didn’t really have any direct influence from an independent scene as MTV and Kerrang where the most direct forms of music (plenty of Linkin Park Blink 182 and other American Pop Punk bands). It was buying that cd that opened up the whole NME scene which was a gateway into all I know and love today. While being a Turn fan should have led me to the Irish music scene earlier it was through the fact I knew they came from a town near by and my dad knew the families of two members that I heard them so didn’t understand at the age of 13 that their was so much more going on in Ireland at the time.
I mention Kaiser Chiefs in particular as it was their second single ‘ I Predict A Riot’ released in November 2004 but heard by me on that compilation cd above that along with most of the bands on that cd started me on the road to becoming obsessed with new music.
It helped that upon hearing it I discovered these bands also played live in Dublin and I was now old enough to get into some gigs without ID in the less strict venues. ‘I predict a riot’ is a perfect slice of British art punk pop that will be a party song to me forever.
I remember like it was yesterday turning up to The Ambassador with my friends having bought tickets for their show in Whelan’s which was bumped up after ‘I predict a riot’ and ‘Oh My God’ sky rocketed, all dressed in ill-fitting semi suit attire, black shirt, a bright green tie and green converse looking like 12 year olds in their dads clothes I imagine. But it was my first real gig in Dublin not a stadium concert or Slane which everybody went to, this was something different this made us cool we knew a band that not everybody at home did. It was an event we waited months for and bought clothes specifically for, trying desperately to fit in and look like regulars but in doing so standing out like a sore thumb (I know this now from being a regular gig goer and seeing teenagers making their first foray into unknown territory for the love of a band). Hard-Fi supported them another band on the cusp of making a name in the UK we even met them afterwards and thought we where so cool to reject their offer of going for a drink, only to turn up in Eamon Doran’s at pretty much the same time anyway. It also gave me the amazement of seeing them on Soccer Am only a couple of days later.
Kaiser Chiefs where electric the crowd amazing bouncing and moshing like only a crowd in The Ambassador could. Every minute of that gig was one of the best experience’s of my life I never truly knew the feeling that live music can give you till that day and I’ve never looked back since. The countless gigs I’ve been to since, Arctic Monkeys first gig on foreign soil in Whelan’s, Feeder, Ash and Muse (just after Absolution) one after the other in the pit at Oxygen, Frightened Rabbit in The Academy and countless other’s that I can’t pick from right up to Hozier in Whelan’s on Thursday night all stem from the first step into live music in small venue’s with the Kaiser Chiefs.
This started as review of their new single which I haven’t done here at all other than to say it’s with good reason I’m happy to see them release a new single from a new album that while doesn’t sound cutting edge it sounds fresh and more grown up than some of the last couple of albums which had gotten fairly formulaic and probably helped prompt the almost implosion of the band. So this post is a thank you to Kaiser Chiefs and a wish of good luck with the new album.


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