Acoustic Techno From Irish Singer Songwriter Scoops.

15 Feb

Stephen Cooper aka Scoops is an Irish singer songwriter who you can spot out and about playing in pubs all over Dublin. Currently recording for releases this year. Right now though you can see this amazing piece of acoustic guitar dripping in effects to create acoustic techno.


Definitely something different but you can also check out his more traditional songs and find out more about him on the link above.


One Response to “Acoustic Techno From Irish Singer Songwriter Scoops.”


  1. Mix 14, Showcase Live at The Odessa. | Itsatangent - May 15, 2014

    […] Scoops aka Stephen Cooper is a frenetic ball of energy. The solo singer songwriter well-known around the Dublin pub scene steps up to the mike an instantly begins to banter with the crowd. Displaying an ease on stage from cutting his teeth playing in the loud and lively pubs round the city well used to contending with a large crowd. His first two songs are summer songs delivered with all the ease and happiness you’d expect from such a starting point. A prolific songwriter with a large catalogue to draw from he delivers simple happy pop songs about days in the sun and nights on the town, even his songs on darker subjects like the passing of a friend in tragic circumstances have a hopeful air that infects the crowd. Finishing off his set with a very unique piece of music he blasts out a techno song with nothing but an effects pedal and an acoustic guitar. Check out his acoustic Techno here. […]

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