Daughter. I do love.

4 Feb


This is a late post as Daughters album came out in March 2013 but I don’t care, if you haven’t heard it now is the moment. Originally the solo work of Elena Tonra, Daughter are now a three-piece with added guitar and drums. Based in london and producing beautiful music since 2010, a few ep’s and last year an amazing album. Beautiful lyrics highlighted by ethereal vocals from Elena, soft and delicate but full of power and leading their sound. Definitely one to put on the headphones and turn up late at night.


It’s so good to see and hear Daughter played in lots of places. I heard her album in a burger joint in South Africa, I’ve seen it on the shelf inside the door of Tower Records. I loved her voice the first time I heard it on the below track ‘Peter’ and her sound has grown immensely since then but that beautiful haunting vocal still captures me.



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