World Send. Eulogys. New Single.

26 Jan


Eulogys a Cork/Dublin based duo composed of Kenny Hyland and Peter Bourke who produce wandering, evocative, cinematic, harmony laden pop. Their first release Ambergriss & Tigerblood way back in 2011 garnered the band a loyal following and was well received critically. A fine showing of the diversity in sound this duo can produce from nostalgic soul and blues influenced pop, to theatrical rock.

World Send is their first single release since teaming up with Pickled Onion records. An electro inspired folk-pop track bursting with harmonies, hand clap’s and ambient guitars. The vocals drive the song with a huge sing-along chorus showcasing the bands penchant for a catchy melody. Steady beats throughout keep up the pace while the harmonies create a soundscape you can step in to and walk around. The animated video that accompanies the song fits perfectly as you’re invited into a new world and taken on a journey with the main characters, the very feeling you find in every song Eulogys produce.


Think The Shins, Foals, Funeral Suits, etc.
Catch them live at Sunday Roast in The Mercantile tonight. Or listen in to Radio Nova at 6pm.



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