All The Pretty Flowers. Whales in Cubicles. New Single

25 Jan

Whales in Cubicles
Whales in Cubicles are releasing their new single ‘All The Pretty FLowers’ on the 3rd of February. Since releasing the debut single ‘We Never Win’ in 2012, Whales in Cubicles carved out a distinctive niche within the UK music scene, creating complex but often minimalist soundscapes that owe more to 90s alternative rock than psychedelia.

All The Pretty Flowers is the fifth single from London-based Whales in Cubicles since 2012. They have been quietly building up a following across the water with plenty of attention from Q, NME, and some BBC radio. This single is the prequel to their debut album ‘Death In The Evening’ set for release on the 10th of February.
It’s the best I’ve heard of the band so far starting with slow marched strumming before the lead vocals double tracked beautifully wander into the song. The vocals sound somewhere between Elliot Smith and Ben Folds doing a duet with Rivers Cuomo (Weezer) on backing vocals. Its music more rooted in the style of 90’s rock bands than more recent influences and trends. The chorus is beautifully paced perfectly keeping that laid-back, strung-out sound while the lyrics sound melancholic and hopeful all at the same time.

They play a string of UK dates on the album tour so we will have to wait to get them over here just yet.

Here’s the track on Soundcloud just incase.


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