Postcards From Jeff: A House. Free Download.

22 Jan

Recorded in the heart of rural Yorkshire between producer duties for other artists, Postcards from Jeff plays, records and mixes his songs himself. His identity is that of a skilled musical manipulator engineering cinematic songscapes from old synths, electronic and organic drum kits and heavily processed guitars.

A House is catchy its got radio play written all over it and the spring release date suits the sounds of hope in the music. It’s an awakening set it as your alarm, it will help you get out of bed on these cold winter mornings. A soft understated vocal accompanied by magical sounding guitars held together by the steady beat of electric drums. It feels in points a bit like a softer more precise version of Doves.

The first Postcards from Jeff recording, ‘A House’ will appear alongside four further tracks on the self-titled EP, which is to be released ahead of a full album that’s already in the works for 2014. ‘A House’ is released on February 10th and it’s available to download for free now.




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