7 O’Clock Start – Gypsy Rebel Rabble.

20 Jan

Check out the gorgeous single ‘7 O’Clock Start’ from Gypsy Rebel Rabble released just before Christmas. A dark and wonderful song with a dark and beautifully shot video to go with it.
Gypsy Rebel Rabble deliver a kind of punk/country/folk with double bass, violin and beautiful harmonies delivered with punk style and energy. The song’s lyrics are full of hints of violence ‘I drove the car for the man with the black black heart’. The singer tells his story of being on the edge of something more sinister and trying to stay there, without getting sucked further in, the sentiment echoed perfectly in the video.
The intro builds with drums and some amazing violin before the restrained spoken/sang lead vocals arrive. The harmonies are perfect harping back to the 50’s/60’s of music while the song stays rooted in something more modern.

The chorus screams Aracade Fire with the lead vocals having a very Win Butler style which suits the restrained urgency in the lyrics. It’s the perfect song for the current popular culture trend towards story’s in television like Breaking Bad, Love/Hate and movie Drive. The dark themes of people falling and jumping into lives of crime and violence all captured in the sound and style of the song. Not to mention its damn catchy.

Gypsy Rebel Rabble have released two videos including this one as they gear up to the release of the Bastard Baby Brown EP which is due for release at the beginning of this year.
Check out their up-coming gigs to catch their energetic live performances here.


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