Leanne Harte. The Welcome Return.

16 Jan

Leanne Harte
Leanne Harte has returned in a solo sense to the world of music. Having broken the Irish music scene at the tender age of 15 and suffering all the ups and downs of any normal music career it lead to her taking a well deserved break from the industry. But thankfully it didn’t scare her away completely as Leanne continued to play guitar as part of Queen Kong and the electro-rock burlesque troupe Midnight Burlectro. This continued to ease her back towards a solo career and her love of songwriting and performance.
2013 saw the release of Restless Sleepers the new EP from Leanne Harte. A welcome return from one of our most talented singer songwriters.

A five track EP full of clever melodic hooks and honest emotive lyrics. From the opening acoustic guitar of title track Restless Sleepers with its imploring vocals calling for understanding from the songs subject. Before the strings and electric guitar arrive in the chorus to change the feeling of the song to something more of resolution and determination.
Wrote Away is a softer more emotional affair with the same strained vocals dragging you headlong into the song.
The last song on the EP ‘Not Another Love Song’ has a quality to it that I personally love to find randomly in a song. It’s what I like to the call the “this could be a James Bond movie song” (could probably come up with a snazzier title). It’s a strange occurrence that happens I think when certain song structures are paired with certain guitar effects. The twangy delayed sound of the guitar throughout, accompanied by strong lead vocals driving along with the drums and bass, before dropping into the bridge where the guitar gets some whammy-bar style wavers. The guitar solo has that strung out twangy falsetto sound in spades leading the song toward its closing chorus. While I’m sure not everybody agrees with that idea I think it’s a fine quality in at least one song by any artist everybody knows James Bond and even sub consciously being linked to the likes of Shirley Bassey can never be a bad thing. Another example like The Last Shadow Puppets (The age of the understatement) just to show it’s not a once off.
Anyway that’s besides the point, the point being welcome back Leanne Harte and keep bringing us more good music.

Catch Leanne live 25th January – Supporting Ewa Gigon – The Joinery, Arbor Hill, Dublin.
26th January – Saucy Sundays, Grand Social, Dublin.


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