Cat Dowling: Whelan’s Ones To Watch Festival Spotlight.

10 Jan

Cat Dowling

Cat Dowling my fourth and final artist spotlight for the Whelan’s Ones To Watch Festival. Its gonna be a quick one as I’ve got to get to tonight’s events. Luckily I don’t need to say much about Cat Dowling as the music speaks for itself.
Cat Dowling plays upstairs at Whelan’s 23:45-00:15 on Saturday Night.


Listen to that rumbling bass coupled with some of the best female vocals in the current Irish music scene that’s a song do drive at high speeds to.
Cat Dowling produces some kind of magic when she sings delivering some of the sexiest, husky & smokey vocals I’ve heard. This matches her delivery of tunes woven between rock, indie and a hint of soul. Bringing to mind everything from Amanda Palmer, St Vincent, Fleetwood Mac, Patti Smith and The Jesus and Mary Chain. Its simple its direct and its powerful, put on your headphones turn it up and let it fill your ears.

Flitting easily between heavier upbeat driving bass and drums to a more subtle piano led slower numbers Cat Dowling manages to do it all with what sounds like ease. Dont miss your opportunity to see her in a tiny room at Whelan’s she won’t be playing them for much longer.

On a side note be sure to check out the loud, catchy and slightly punky outfit Otherkin Whelan’s 21:00-21:30 Otherkin. Also the wonderful Amidships deliver some gorgeous heartfelt, honest and emotive folk/indie, Upstairs at Whelan’s 21:30-22:00 Saturday night.


3 Responses to “Cat Dowling: Whelan’s Ones To Watch Festival Spotlight.”

  1. Mr Hanky January 14, 2014 at 9:56 pm #

    Great to read such fullsome praise for Cat and her stunning solo debut The Believer.Don’t think I’ve been gutted by anything in a while as much as seeing it missing from the Choice Music Prize nominations.What were the panel (not) thinking when Bellend 1 and others just seem to get nominated as a matter of course while someone this deserving gets overlooked.Happy to see Villagers and O Emporer included and yes I know opinions are like bottoms….everyone had one and thinks that everyone elses stinks

    • kevintoher January 14, 2014 at 10:58 pm #

      Its a great debut and deserves more attention than its got so far. Nothing wrong with an opinion as long as its tempered within reality and I mostly agree with what you say about the choice music prize. I don’t think the Bell x1 album nominated is their best but they have had good ones and been overlooked to over the years. The choice music prize is not the best gauge of Irish music for the year which is strange cause the judging panel is usually pretty decent. Jape winning it for a second time last year was disappointing when Lisa Hannigan, We Cut Corners and Bell X1 were all nominated to.


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