Floor Staff: Whelan’s Ones To Watch Festival Spotlight.

8 Jan

My second artist spotlight for the Ones To Watch Festival is cast directly on the Dublin based duo known collectively as Floor Staff. Floor Staff arrived on the Irish Music scene this year with the release of one of the best EP’s of 2013.

Floor Staff Play Whelan’s Upstairs:21:15-21:45 on Thursday the 9th of January as part of the Whelan’s Ones To Watch Festival.

The Good Luck EP a five song expression of intent and confidence, was an instant favorite of mine when I heard it in early 2013. Like my previous artist spotlight on Monsenior, Floor Staff are another act who have undertaken one of the hardest tasks in the current music scene, which is to create pop music that’s not only credible and inventive but instantly catchy. While Monsenior’s EP is a joyous pop affair, Floor Staff have delivered Melancholy for you to get up and dance to. The lyrics have dark and emotional moments throughout, while the harmonies and instrumentation make you move your feet.

Check out my full review of the EP here.

Currently writing their full length debut album expect big things when it gets its release.
The vocals have soul which seems to be an upcoming trend in Irish music with the likes of Hozier also releasing an EP this year.
Think Alt-Pop and Indie in the vein of acts as diverse as Le Galaxie, Bon Iver, Arcade Fire, Choir of Young Believers and Jonsi.


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