Back to Ireland, Back to Music.

28 Dec

So after almost six months of globetrotting I’ve returned to immerse myself in music again. I’ve discovered some new stuff along the way and also missed out on plenty of new stuff at home when I was away so its time to start catching everybody up on what I’ve seen and heard along the way.

Peter Willie Youngtree

Im starting with someone I saw live back in August in Newfoundland called Peter Willie Youngtree;. A wandering folk artist some-what like a character from a Mark Twain story. I watched him turn up to my friends tiny restaurant in a cove in Newfoundland guitar on his back. With no fan fare he set a stool to play on the outer deck of their restaurant overlooking the freezing Atlantic Ocean.
He plays straight forward acoustic folk steeped in the traditions of artists and poets of the past 50 years with a nice twist of Newfoundland Traditional Folk music, which itself is influenced by a huge Irish culture in the country. He travels playing gigs where ever he can get them, including cafe’s and restaurants, meeting people along the way and writing songs in his time between shows. Currently not too many songs online for you to check out but one of his best (Beauty Just The Same) here its a live version on youtube and gives you a hint to the kind’ve story telling in his shows and his lyrics.

Check out his Facebook for all the up to date gigs and news.

Thats all for now as I have to dash out to see Turn play a gig in the button factory tonight for the ten-year anniversary of their album Forward. Get yourself down to the button factory before 9pm to see one of Ireland’s best rock bands live tonight.
Keep yours eyes peeled and your ears open for a return to lots more posts.


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