Moonfruits live in an airport lounge.

15 Oct

So I’ve not written anything in a while as it’s slightly hard to find time to sit down while traveling, but luckily I’m currently driving across the USA with friends so I’m sitting in the back of the car on a friends iPad. Speeding away from Dodge City Kansas across the plains I have time to write about some of the music I’ve heard on my travels so far, not to mention everything that’s happened in the music world at home.

Moonfruits Source: Moonfruits Facebook

First up is something from my very first day of travelling while waiting in JFK for something like 12 hours for a delayed flight I heard some lovely music live in the lounge from fellow delayed travellers Alex Millaire and Kaitlin Milroy collectively known as Moonfruits. A band from Ottawa, Canada who were on their way back from busking around Europe. They captivated a tired and contrary audience in JFK with upbeat, toe-tapping, folk harmonies driven by Alex’s acoustic guitar and Kaitlin’s shakers. They intertwine their vocals and jump between soft and slow to loud and fast creating wonderful dynamics in the songs.

Moonfruits: Rotterdam

They are set to release their first album sometime soon entitled Dèbut. Currently doing some touring of Cafe’s, venues and kitchen parties they are a live act to fit in anywhere. Check out more about them at their website


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