Oliver Cole – Ten Minute Friend

10 Jul

Oliver Cole

Oliver Cole

Oliver Cole is streaming his new song ‘Ten Minute Friend‘ on Soundcloud and it’s definitely worth your attention.

Whether you are a Turn fan who still follows Ollie’s solo career or have only just heard of Oliver Cole you will be pleased. This song seems to be a perfect marriage of old Ollie’s rock sensibility’s and his more recent solo talent for a melodic folk song. These current batch of songs are a good sign of the imminent release of Oliver Cole’s new album. After receiving some acclaim for his debut solo effort ‘We Albitri’. Which saw him distance himself somewhat from his rock band persona of previous times and release a much more folk and pop influenced record. This record looks to be more confident, allowing Ollie to bring elements of his old-self through into his solo career allowing for much more depth and variety to the music having already established a base of new fans. Being a huge Turn fan I know Ollie can rock so its nice to see his full set of skills coming on show for this latest release. And if that wasn’t enough on the same link you can hear ‘The Glue Pot’ another one of Ollie’s releases over the past few months.

With moments of Elliot Smith and Connor Oberst (Bright Eyes) Ollie is starting to cement himself as a solo artist in Ireland.

Check out his recent single release Little Wolf.

The song starts as a simple folk guitar and vocals mix before it hits the bridge and Ollie lets a melodic howl lead into the falsetto chorus with its layers of harmonies and trundling drums. The song builds and drops up to the closing stages where the music builds to a cacophony with thumping drums and overlapping vocals sure to be huge in a live setting, allowing Oliver to take his solo music slightly more towards his heavier roots.

Little Wolf is available as a limited edition 7 inch Vinyl from new Cork based label MDR (MountainDwellingRecluse).

Check out more posts on Oliver Cole here and Turn here.


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