We Cut Corners – Bell X1 – The Minutes – Cover Stay by U2

20 Jun

Stay (Live) – We Cut Corners, The Minutes & Paul Noonan from Robert Simpkins on Vimeo.

This video just came live from last years JD Roots gigs. This one is a fantastic version of U2’s song Stay (Faraway so close) as performed live by We Cut Corner’s, Bell x1 and The Minutes. Rare enough to see contemporary Irish artists covering songs by probably our greatest musical export U2. You can say what you like about U2 but you can’t argue with some of the music they produced over the years. I for one would love to see them come back with something special for the next album rumored to be out in September of this year. Currently under the working title of ’10 reasons to exist’.

We Cut Corners: The Leopard

We Cut Corners are due a release this year to and having seen some of the new songs live at Camden Crawl this year it should be another step in the right direction.

Bell X1: The End is nigh

Bell X1 have begun releasing singles from their newest offering with the fantastic ‘The end is nigh’ getting plenty of airtime. (A slight hint of Arcade Fire in it.)

The Minutes: Black Keys

The Minutes are another act due a release this year but information on this is thin on the ground they are playing a few festival dates including the Sea Sessions this weekend.


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