Dublin Camden Crawl Highlight 2013 – Orla Gartland

7 May
Orla Gartland Live in the Unitarian Church. Dublin Camden Crawl 2013. Copyright Itsatangent 2013.

Orla Gartland Live in the Unitarian Church. Dublin Camden Crawl 2013. Copyright Itsatangent 2013.

Orla Gartland is somebody I’ve written about a few times but last Saturday night was my first chance to see her live. Stepping up to play to a small crowd in the Unitarian Church looking slightly nervous which is funny when you see that she has over 8 million views on her youtube channel. Some technical problems at the start probably didn’t help her nerves but she still handled it with the same bubbly attitude that’s won her so many fans on the web.

Orla Gartland: Piece by Piece

Orla plays a small set of her songs most of which can be found on youtube for a listen in particular one of my favorites below is ‘The Ground’. The Unitarian Church as a venue, suits her down to the ground (no pun intended) as she steps back from the mic at louder moments allowing her voice to fill the full room as the acoustics of the church allow it to echo around. One of the highlights of the set is her own rendition of ‘Another Brick In The Wall’ the Pink Floyd track. Live in a church it seemed to suit the songs rebellious vibe. Especially considering Orla is weeks away from doing her final exams in secondary school. Ending her set on a high with an impromptu acoustic version of Kodalines “Love like this” on mandolin accompanied by Gavin James on guitar and vocals and skipping the mics singing straight to the roof relying on the beautiful venue to carry their voices. Orla Gartland is definitely my one to watch this year as she finishes school and set’s out on her first official tour of Ireland and the UK you will hear lots more from her in the second half of the year. Catch her live in the Unitarian Church in Dublin in July and click here for the rest of the dates.

Orla Gartland: Another brick in the Wall

It’s hard to believe Orla is only 18 years of age, writing songs since she was 14 has put her ahead of some people well into their 20’s it would be easy to try to pass her off as just another youtube artist if you didn’t stop and actually listen. Her songs are not just nice or catchy they are well written and show a level of maturity in her song-writing that plenty of established artists lack. With clever structures and melodies that compliment her vocals she is not afraid to experiment with her style as she develops her sound.

Orla Gartland: The Ground

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