John Fullbright, classic but different.

15 Apr
John Fullbright

John Fullbright

This fine young fellow appeared on Later with Jool’s Holland last week, I think he only got to play one song. That was enough though as he was one of the absolute highlights of the show, standing alone decked out from head to toe in black with an acoustic guitar.

John Fullbright:Satan and St Paul

The black clothes like the music may be a nod to Johnny Cash or other musical greats who tread the lines of folk, blues, Americana and country in a similar way. No doubt this native of Okemah, Oklahoma (also the hometown of Woody Guthrie) has been hugely influenced by the likes of Townes Van Zandt, Mickey Newbury and other Americana stars or even more mainstream and internationally acclaimed musicians like Roy Orbison, Johnny Cash, Ryan Adams, Tom Waits. While hailing from a part of the world-renowned for producing fantastic singer song writers, John still manages to stand out for himself taking all the weight of musical history surrounding him and directing it through his own view of the world. His ability to craft lyrics into wandering melodies giving appropriate nods to his predecessors without ever feeling like a cover artist is what makes him so interesting. He treads the fine line between classic and contemporary like a man on a wire, while singing with all the raw emotion and energy that comes with a stunt like that.

This song is a fine example of the nod to classics, which has a real Roy Orbison feel to the melody, but manages to sound new and unique all the same.

John Fullbright: Me wanting you

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