Eamon Bode Debut Ep Tinman

11 Apr
Eamon Bode, Tinman

Eamon Bode, Tinman

Eamon Bode recently released his debut ep in the Twisted Pepper. Tinman a 4 track offering from this Dublin musician is a quiet, thoughtful and melancholic set of songs. The first track Tinman sound like its being sung inside your head with lyrics and guitar pushing along like the thoughts of a racing mind. For me this ep hits its height in the second and third tracks sweet dreams and through the noise, it’s when Bode’s emotions seem most on his sleeve and the instrumentation and production all add to build a full picture of each song. Bode is easily recognisable in that I have no idea what he looks like, it seems he can only be found with an over-sized and ever raised hood obscuring his face even while regularly busking in Dublin. Tinman seems to have influences from many places such as Bon Iver, Elliot Smith and The Shins.

It’s a slow burner, after my first listen I wasn’t quite sure what to make of it, but finding myself humming ‘Sweet Dreams’ hours after the first listen I had to hear it again. The melodies just seem to seep inside allowing you to hear parts of the tracks you never heard before each time you listen.
In the Wizard Of Oz the Tinman is in search of a heart, you wont have to look hard to find it in Eamon Bode’s ep, his heart is in every note.

Check out more on Eamon on his bandcamp or his website.


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    […] is set to release his second EP on Friday the 18th of April, the follow up to 2013′s ‘Tinman‘. Its lead single ‘Wolf’ is a slow, soft and lamenting love song, capturing […]

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