Daniel Johnston Space Ducks Soundtrack. A soundtrack to ‘An Infinite Comic Book of Musical Greatness’.

10 Apr
Space Ducks, Daniel Johnston

Space Ducks, Daniel Johnston

Daniel Johnston is set to release a new album his first since 2009. It’s the wonderfully weird soundtrack to his first comic book release last year Space Ducks: An Infinite Comic Book of Musical Greatness. As a soundtrack to a comic book its starting from a strange place musically but strange is what Daniel Johnston does best. It features songs from Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Jake Bugg, Die Mason Die, Eleanor Friedberger, Deer Tick and Fruit Bats, as well as several originals from Daniel himself.

Space Ducks, Daniel Johnston

Space Ducks, Daniel Johnston

It opens with the Space Ducks Theme Song a jangly piano based track with a fantastic naive sound to go with the naive style of illustration. The songs all relate to the comic books so they are full of stories and rich imagery. A huge highlight is the fantastic Man on the Moon by Jake Bugg a melancholy acoustic guitar track which hangs off Jake’s unique vocals. The album jumps between small sounding folk songs to funky soul sounds all put into the magical blender that is Daniel Johnston. There are hints of influence from The Beatles Sgt Peppers era or The Beach Boys. I’m sure plenty of people wont get it but that comes with any music especially something of this nature.

Here is an earlier version of one of the album tracks Mask. only a hint of what the full studio version sounds like when its polished and full of instrumentation.
Daniel Johnston: Mask

Don’t let the low quality youtube videos put you off what is a wonderfully weird and original album.

Space Ducks Soundtrack is due for release on the 29th of April, and a limited edition vinyl is set for release on Record Store Day.

If you think you don’t know him, I bet you’ll know this song.
Daniel Johnston: True Love Will Find You In The End.


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