Ben Caplan & The Casual Smokers. Conduit Music Video

8 Apr
Ben Caplan, Photo Credit Courtney Lee Yip

Ben Caplan, Photo Credit Courtney Lee Yip

This came out back in October of 2012. But I’m only mentioning it now on account of the fact that I’m only listening to it now.

Ben Caplan sings in a gravelly smokey voice that is distinct and unique while still referencing the likes of Tom Waits, Leonard Cohen and Mick Flannery. His band features a violinist, cellist, sax player, drummer, flautist and upright bass so the sound is big and different coupled with Ben himself floating between guitar, banjo, melodica and piano. The song seems to plant you in a different world maybe a smokey club in Paris or lively blues club in New Orleans none of that’s important because the music could make you feel that if you’re sitting in a giant office with your headphones on as I regularly am.
Ben Caplan & The Casual Smokers: Conduit Music

The video is also fantastic, set with one camera on the back of a miniature train in a miniature landscape following around its track several times with each lap something new happening in the different areas. Looks so simple with a great effect and if like me you adore miniatures and have done since a kid you would’ve given anything to play with your toys in something like this. Also it features a fantastically freaky way to include the singer in the video makes me think of The Mighty Boosh every time I see it.


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