The Lumineer’s get the LaBlogotheque treatment.

15 Feb
The Lumineers Source Wikipedia.

The Lumineers

The Lumineers: LaBlogotheque Act 1 Ho Hey and Grand Parade

Ho Hey is definitely one of the biggest songs this year capturing an awful lot of attention out of nowhere although I’m sure it’s on an ad somewhere. A song like that though can always run the risk of pigeon holing a band and making them a one hit wonder its the debate over a sharp rise to fame or the slow steady build. I think it helps that these guys haven’t just been a band for a year or two but with the backbone of the band consisting of Lead singer Wesley Schultz and Percussionist Jeremiah Fraites ( What a deadly Name) writing together since 2005. Now maybe it was the addition in 2010 of Neyla Pekarek the Cellist and female vocalist in the band that sparked off the Lumineers we see now. After listening to some of their other tracks its safe to say these guys will at least make it to the difficult second album. And hopefully there will be plenty more songs like the one below which is a damn good duet.

The Lumineers: LaBlogotheque Act 2 Untitled


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