Beatrice Eli Before She Blows Up

15 Feb
Beatrice Eli It's Over EP

Beatrice Eli It’s Over EP

What to say about Beatrice Eli, straight off its like some kind of dirty pop not to be confused with the other durrty (the Christina Aguilera style of pop) this is a dirty meant more about the music than lack of clothes on the Artist. The music appears credible keeping away from the image of a giant record label sitting in their lab with Timberland and Pharrel Williams (no offense meant by that N*E*R*D were great) on speed dial to stick their name to a track cause that’s all the kids want . The Video is dark and sexy without taking itself to seriously it keeps it fun. Obviously the Lykke Li and Fever Ray Comparisons will come being from Sweden but theirs a hint of Amy Winehouse in the vocals which in a nice contrast to the Electro music.
The hook in the music is there from the very start its a definite head bobber.
I don’t normally go for too much of style/genre but when somethings good its good and that’s the beauty of music.

Check out the first track from her forthcoming EP below.

Beatrice Eli: Its Over


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