The Strypes pure class.

12 Feb

Ive just gone through my whole blog cause I was so sure I had featured these boys on it before, Ive been listening to them for the last year and seen them live and for some reason completely dropped the ball on it and not posted about them.

The Strypes are an Irish band from Cavan with an average age of 15/16. They are 4-piece rhythm and blues band h formed in 2011 by Ross Farrelly (lead vocals/harmonica), Josh McClorey (lead guitar/vocals), Pete O’Hanlon (bass guitar/harmonica) and Evan Walsh (drums).
They make me sick, Im 25 and these guys have more musical talent than I could ever dream of having. They play quite a lot of covers like this one.

The Strypes: You Cant Judge a book by the cover.

Playing covers at their age is totally acceptable especially when you play them like you wrote them yourself and nobody has ever heard them before. I imagine there are quite a lot of teenagers discovering what R’N’B actually was before it became merged with hip hop and pop in recent years.
Not only have they got the musical part down they are doing a great job with their image and live performances, looking straight out of the 1960’s in dark suits and Beatles and Stones style haircuts. The lead singer even don’s sunglasses on stage which I would normally think is totally ridiculous and try hard unless your Roy Orbison, but these guys seem to embody the style of music they play so well he has to wear shades.

The Strypes: Live at Abbey Road Part One.

The Strypes: Live at Abbey Road Part Two.

They recently got signed up by none other than Elton John and he has started to promote them all over the place. They have already played the Late Late Show twice in Ireland and have been touring all over Europe. So if your just hearing them for the first time now get ready to hear them a lot more. Maybe if we are lucky they could be the start of new wave of music in the country bringing back bands similar to The Rolling Stones, The Who, The Beatles, and The Jam I for one wouldn’t mind a new generation of Rhythm and Blues.


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