Orla Gartland & Soak proof that age has nothing to do with talent.

31 Dec

Orla Gartland: Jealous

Soak: Sea Creatures

Orla Gartland (17) Soak (16) two artists who have started garnering much attention this year and proof that talent and the ability to write engaging and interesting music has no age limit.

Orla Gartland: Handlebars

Orla Gartland has been working hard on youtube for quite sometime I mentioned here earlier this year here, she’s keeping up with here releases as this live version of new single Jealous shows. Bags of talent and plenty of hard work have seen her rack up over 8 million views on youtube and shows in London and Dublin throughout the year. Keep an eye on here for 2013.

Soak: Explosions

Soak This talented young girl has already featured on Other Voices at the end of 2012 and seems to have come from nowhere being championed by the likes of Nialler9 for her undeniably unique style of heartfelt and clever folk, its hard to believe the talent of this sixteen year old, but it can’t be questioned 2013 could be a very big year.


One Response to “Orla Gartland & Soak proof that age has nothing to do with talent.”


  1. Soak. Blud. New Single. | Itsatangent - January 30, 2014

    […] Soak has put up her first properly recorded song. The singer who recently signed to Chvrches new label Goodbye Records is set to release the song on March 17th. ‘Blud’ still focus’ on young Briody Watsons fantastic vocals but the added drums, backing vocals and keys just add so much to the sound without taking away from what makes Soak special. It’s a testament to what a good producer can do for an artist in this case the production was by Villagers’ Tommy McLaughlin, who doesn’t move away from the core of Soak’s talent in vocal’s and emotive lyrics. […]

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