Artists and Tracks of 2012. One.

29 Nov

So I was all set to do some sort of end of year list, but Im not sure there’s a point to it this whole blog is a list of what I thought about music this year. Something more concise might be quicker or simpler but it would only be a list of of music that I thought was great on that day. Ive tried to do top fives and top tens before and the second you put it out there you remember another five tracks or artists you forgot at the time of making.
So instead I sent out emails to plenty of friends and readers of the blog to find out what artists or tracks they enjoyed this year and instead of me just putting out my opinion on the year that was 2012 I’m going to collate people’s responses for artists of 2012 into a series of posts starting with this little one here.


I start with this band in particular because they play Whelans on Saturday 1st Dec so you have a chance to catch them live if you have time. Definitely one of my top recommendations if you’re looking for a fun live show to kick-start a night out on the town for Christmas.
This band was one of the first I ever wrote about on this blog at the beginning of the year. It was after seeing them live I was spurred to help spread the word about this Dublin based four piece, they put on one of the best shows this year full of upbeat folk, rock and pop tinged tunes delivered from lads who seemed to enjoy every moment they where on stage. They started releasing videos and singles soon after in lead up to their EP Long Live. The videos kept the style of simple quality tracks delivered to entertain, with some funny and slightly tongue in cheek moments throughout.

Raglans: Man From Glasgow

They were also the choice of several of my friends and readers for artists of 2012.

“The album was good and the nights out were one’s to remember so they deservedly make my list of top acts of the year. Their challenge now with the replacement of guitarist Liam Morrow is to see if they still carry the same sound and appeal, especially in their satirical videos. Time will tell”. (Peter Williams)

Raglans: High Road

Definitely a band to watch in 2013, an album will be needed sooner rather than later to keep these guys moving forward.

Check out more posts on these guys here.


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