Little Green Cars. Full performance live on KEXP

13 Nov

Just incase you weren’t lucky enough to catch Little Green Cars live in Whelans last Thursday night this is a pretty good example taken recently from their tour in America. Watch their full performance on KEXP.

Little Green Cars Live.

Little Green Cars have come on leaps and bounds in the past year and you can see it in their live shows, with a full professional lighting set up and a well-balanced set. Starting the show with an a capella song is a brave choice relying on their voices alone to get the attention of the whole crowd, but when you have all 5 members singing harmonies for the chorus’ your almost guaranteed to grab attention and it was no problem for this young Irish band. Within minutes the crowd were treated to well established songs such as Them and My Love Took Me Down To The River and the band felt the full return to a headline show in Ireland with the crowd belting out all the harmonies and choruses throughout. By the time the band got around to the song that has launched them into every radio station in the country and several all over the world the crowd was in full swing and Little Green Cars didn’t fail to disappoint as they delivered a rousing version of The John Wayne.
An album is due out early next year and its with eager anticipation we wait to hear what could be one of the finest records from an Irish Band yet.


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