Wallis Bird In Dictum Live, Swan Lane, Navan

26 Oct

I don’t normally post random Youtube footage of gigs as the quality can be shockin, but this was worth putting up a fantastic moment from Wallis Bird’s show in the lovely Swan Lane Music Venue Navan, where she played her final song down amongst the crowd. It’s just worth a listen for the moment the crowd joins in through the chorus. You just have to ignore the chap who interrupts her a couple of times. Skip to 35 seconds if you’re in a rush.

Wallis Bird: In Dictum Live.

I’ve not yet listened to much of Wallis Bird’s music but this is a great song which really reaches out and connects with an audience through Wallis and the way she performs live.

Here’s the official version if you want to hear it full quality.

Wallis Bird: In Dictum


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