Shaka Ponk (Steampunk, Hip Hop, Dance, Rock)

24 Oct

Shaka Ponk: My Name Is Stain

I’m writing this post after being shown this band Shaka Ponk who are doing quite well for themselves and with good reason I suppose, while not exactly my kind of music there is something about them that interests me. Maybe it’s that they seem like an extremely strange mix of music The above video is their biggest hitting the kind of dancey, poppy rock vibe with a catchy melody. Basement Jaxx come to mind but not completely.
The below video is older and leans much more towards a possible past in harder rock sounds its such a strange contrast between the two but keeping their Steam Punk kind of style which aesthetically works well and also kind of works from the mish-mash of sounds they have old and new together. They released their third album not to long ago and seem to have hit the right mix of music to get them noticed with plenty of sold out shows all over Europe.

Shaka Ponk: Palabra Mi Amor

They play their first ever UK show in the O2 Academy Brixton on Saturday December 01, so if your reading this from the UK check them out for something different.


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