Bowens and the Wood EP Free Download

15 Oct

Bowen's And The Wood

Bowen’s and the Wood‘ began as a solo project of Rory Bowen’s.
After playing gigs in venues from Galway to London, supporting bands such as Frightened Rabbit and The Walls, Rory realised that he needed more noises in the background.
With this in mind he added bassist Brian Kelly and drummer/sibling Dónal Bowens and suddenly a band was born.

Rory Bowen’s is one of the most promising young Irish singer songwriters I’ve heard this year. The self titled debut ep of band Bowens and the Wood, is a great starting point for the young singer, capturing a small slice of his quirky and personal song writing in the first two tracks.The first track “Bits and Pieces” is an upbeat song about the perils of bumping into your ex’s. This song is driven by Rory’s vocals and acoustic guitar showing how easily his songs are transferred from a solo show to a full band. Track two “John” is another upbeat song this time driven much more by a rumbling bass line through out, this song has more urgency a slightly punky vibe think along the lines of Frank Turner with a full band backing him. “John” is a song about living safely and missing out on the things in life that come from your mistakes. The third and last song on the ep is a duet with Rosa Nutty called “Truth”. This song hints at a broader sound as it slows the record down leaving out the quirky lyrics that Rory does so well and focusing on something more serious and melancholic, this leans towards something akin to Ham Sandwich with the dual male and female vocals.

So in short this debut ep is a fine example of the growing talent and ability of an Irish musician finding his way and developing his sound. Live the songs become even more infectious delivered straight from the man himself. Rory Bowen’s is one to watch for the future.


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