Kodaline Live at The Sugar Club, Dublin October 2012

5 Oct

Kodaline could stop writing music after their first ep if they wanted and still be remembered in ten or twenty years time. That’s how good I believe their song “All I Want” is. Kodaline formed from a previous adventure into the music industry in a slighty more pop vein as a 3 piece band 21 Demands who had a number one single in Ireland while still un-signed. I wouldn’t pay much attention to their past though as they probably learnt some valuable lessons about the music industry that have gotten them to this point.

It’s an instant classic that has taken this band from relative obscurity to the precipice of next big thing. It will be both a blessing and a curse for the band as their fame grows and the demands flood in from all corners of the music industry. It’s already been selected by Greys Anatomy for their next series and put on the promo for the show aswell. I wouldn’t be surprised to see it picked up on the X-Factor soon. I mean inside of a month really since the ep’s release they have racked up over 300,000 hits on youtube, nothing to sniff at. When I heard it first I automatically put it in the same class of song as “Run” by Snow Patrol, the song that launched them onto the world-wide stage after just being a solid enough band for a couple of previous albums.

The Gig.
So I knew when I got tickets to the show it was a great chance to see them play to a home crowd in a small venue. The sugar club has been the spot for some of my favourite shows of recent times. The venue opened at 8pm with a crowd of about thirty people already outside waiting to get in. The show had sold out about a week and a half before.
Their where two support acts Gatsby and The Fallen Drakes, Ill write something separate for them later both put in great performances.
By the time Kodaline took to the stage at about Ten O’Clock the Venue was packed and maybe a little over the capacity of a normal show due to the demand. Kodaline opened the show with the psychedelic sounding “Lose your Mind”

which straight off proves these boys are not a one trick pony as their songs cover several different styles. The unifying theme is the amazing Vocal’s delivered by lead singer Steve Garrigan. There are moments where he sounds like Jeff Buckley or Conor J O’Brien of Villagers fame. All four members of the band sing, which if you have read anything on my blog before is something I love it brings so much to the live shows. The band are balanced wonderfully with quieter piano based songs that rely heavily on Steve’s vocals and the backing harmonies to the louder upbeat songs, including the very unexpected moment where both a mandolin and a harmonica were brought out for a song giving a strange kind of Mumford and Sons vibe to their sound (it seems to be the instrument of the last couple of years), that’s the kind of diversity in their music that could see them last longer than the shadow of their song “All I Want”. The gig last night suffered from the few people who attended to see a support act or only heard “All I Want” on the greys anatomy promo and weren’t that interested in any other songs as they chatted to their mates in the front row during the show, a common issue at shows in this country. But as the lads rattled through other songs off their ep and some not easily found on the internet they showed a solid sound with a wide range and an ability to stretch their style without losing sight of what works for them. When they announced their last song after only about a 30 minute set it was a surprise but a guarantee of the standard encore. Of course their last song was “All I Want” and by the first word of lyrics the whole crowd where singing, when it hit the opening line of the chorus the volume went up a few notches displaying a sound that could fill a stadium. One of my favourite moments at any gig is watching the pure joy/shock on a bands face as their song is sung back to them, being on stage with your own song and having that happen is one of the best feelings in the world. The song ended with the crowd trying desperately to harmonise with the singer while erupting into cheers at the same time, a standing ovation was the bands reward for a great show and an amazing song. The encore was two songs I’ve not heard before but again strong and catchy songs the final one having more of an anthemic feel that will surely be a closer to many great shows in the future.

A great show and a great band who will find it hard not to be pigeon holed by a song that will take them places faster than anybody around them probably expected. But with their ability to produce many other quality tracks like “lose your mind” or “pray” all they have to do is successfully ride the wave their on and come out the other side the same lads they are now and no doubt they will produce more great music.

Catch them live in the Button Factory Dublin on the 2nd of December.

Check out previous posts about Kodaline here.

On a sidenote props to the drummer for rocking his moustache.


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