TURN, the Return.

19 Sep

An early picture of the band.

A while ago I heard a rumour about my favourite band of all time’s return for maybe a few gigs but in particular Electric Picnic. I wrote about my adoration of this band before on the blog so you can see that here. Great news by all accounts until they announced they were playing on the Saturday of Electric Picnic, I was involved in a charity event that night and of course could not go, I would’ve paid the €230 for a ticket just to see them. But that was out of my hands It was a week or so later that I then heard they had played the very night before on Aug 31st in an un-announced show in Whelans….. which of course I also missed as the three days leading up to that gig I was at a wedding in Cavan and off the grid as regards secret gig announcements on twitter on Facebook. So as you might guess I am slightly distraught at the thought that I have missed the return of my favourite band, so I can only sit in hope that they will play more shows. I really, really really hope they do. You can check out a review of the gig on this lovely blog called Ticket’sThere. There has been a new facebook page opened for them aswell.
You can also check out Ollie Coles solo stuff here.

The positives from their return have been some previously near impossible to find tracks of Turn and their previous band Swampshack have been uploaded to youtube. So I have helpfully compiled them into a nice playlist for anybody who wants to listen like I do.

I’ve written this in the hope that nobody else will miss them if they play again… and also that if anybody hears that they are they will tell me god forbid I miss them again.


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