Orla Gartland, Continuing a good year for Irish Music.

19 Sep

Orla Gartland image by Erica Cobby

Orla Gartland: The Ground.

Heard this girl while trawling youtube videos over the last week or so and was very impressed. It’s another young Irish artist who’s worked quite hard to get themselves out there with youtube being a big part of it.
Plenty of great youtube videos with covers and originals. She currently has a single (Devil On my Shoulder) out available on iTunes and all that jazz. It’s nice to see people getting themselves out in the music world at such a young age and with plenty of talent.

Orla Gartland: Devil On My Shoulder.

Some lovely moments in the melodies of her songs, with lyrics about love, growing up and gaining independence or deciding what to do with your life. All the questions you spend lots of time asking yourself from the age of 16 well into your 20’s. Orla Gartland will definitely be one to watch for the future as her songwriting matures and confidence grows she can only get better.

Orla Gartland: Sixteen.

Think Laura Marling, Mumford & Sons, Kate Walsh, Lisa Hannigan, Jason Mraz, Birdy.

Click here for more on Orla Gartland.


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