Hudson Taylor……

13 Sep

These boys will not have very much longer to wait till they are snapped up by a major label and touring all over the gaf. They have been floating about youtube since about 2008 when they were smaller and less polished. Now you look at them and they are already the finished article with a fan base to prove it. Their ep is now available worldwide on iTunes which will certainly help get them out further. I don’t know much about them they are two Irish lads who have put a lot of work into getting their music out through the internet and its paying off.


It helps obviously that they are pretty talented with some great vocal harmonies and catchy songs. The fact that they are good-looking lads and have carved themselves a bit of and image, will only add to the fact that they seem to be a band just waiting to be unleashed upon the world. They have that Mumford and Sons sound which is good timing with the lads releasing a new album soon and also a bit of The Corona’s, it’s that kind of country indie folk, Jake Bugg has a more rock n roll version of it.

Wont Back Down.

How a record company could not watch the video below and just sign them up straight away, look at the crowd of teenage girls surrounding them (its such a teenage thing to sit in the middle of the street and listen to music like that, it would be nice to lack the cynicism that latches onto you as you get older), they would surely see dollar signs. But maybe I’m just assuming that the lads would want that kind of exposure, maybe their keen to do things themselves and as long as they keep working hard their music will certainly take them places. Judging by their youtube views there are plenty of people who already know lots about them and my guess would be soon enough they will all be saying “well I knew them ages ago before they were….”

Cover of Lose Yourself Busking.

Anyway there is not much I can say about these lads they have some serious talent and they seem to be working their arse’s off at it so fair play to em. I hope it goes the way they want.


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