Kodaline ep and videos perfect.

11 Sep

Kodaline have just released their self titled ep and it along with three videos for three of the 4 songs on the ep have just blown me away. Id heard the name of the band being floated around for a while now and just hadn’t got around to checking them out.
Yesterday was one of those days I love when good music just seems to find you and fall at your feet. I heard several little bits and pieces that I will write about over the next few days but the one that stood out was when a friend sent me the video to Kodalines song “All I Want”

Now if you just watched that video id be surprised if you don’t just watch it again right now….. or maybe you watched it twice already. The video is definitely up in the best I’ve seen this year if not ever, it brings you in from the start and keeps you hooked till the very end its one of those videos that makes you really care about the characters in it, it’s a great short film. But the clincher is that the song is also beautiful and the two stories combine and compliment each other perfectly.
Kodaline have hit the perfect balance with this song of having a beautiful melody and lyrics with parts of the song stomping with instrumentals to lift you up. The video is directed and also stars Stevie Russell who is well worth checking out.

The second song on the ep is Lose Your Mind, which is a different style altogether, its got a kindve trippy Sgt Pepper, Spiritualised and Chemical Brothers (circa the golden path) feel to it. The video again is very engaging with a great little twist towards the end.

“Perfect World” the other song that’s off the ep with a video is perfect world which again shows Kodalines abilty to write songs with a great balance between great melodies and lyrics which give the songs a real sense of earnest and feeling. It helps that the lads have some great harmonies thought-out giving that full band feeling to the vocals. This is a shorter song than the others which in turn gives a great balance to the ep when the first two songs are over 4 and half minutes.

The boys are playing in the Sugar club on the 4th of October so I suggest you get on board with these lads before they take off.


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