Jonny Fox, Through A Pinhole

15 Aug

Nice acoustic/electro piano laden folk from Jonny Fox originally from Wexford but currently living in Sao Paulo Brazil. A seasoned musician with other work already under his belt he has delivered a solid EP.

First song on the record ‘The Outside’ is definitely my favourite on this EP, It reminds me of something but im not sure what, which is something I find a great quality in some songs. Its like when you listen to it for the first time you think you have already heard it, but not that its ripping something off. It instantly feels like I know the song and can skip the listening to it ten times before I like it part. It even has some guest drumming from Adebisi Shanks Lar Kye, to give it that bit more of an edge.
The final Song on the three song EP ‘Dont Belong to me’ is the best mix of styles with the beautiful Piano and vocals leading the way and building up through out the song to give a real depth to the sound without losing its original idea.
A mix of synths, pianos, drums and vocals covering this EP give it a larger sound than expected from a solo performer but you can see the lack of a band keep the songs somewhat ridged still well worth a listen to some polished independent music.

Johnny Fox – The Outside from Johnny Fox on Vimeo.


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