Ive heard the most exciting rumour ever. Re: Turn

27 Jul

Turn were an Irish band. They are also possibly my favourite band of all time. If you want the in-depth history check this out. I can’t put into words really how much this band have meant to me over the years for different reasons, this music is the soundtrack to my formative years right from the beginning of secondary school all the way to college from 1998 to 2006. I first heard Turn through my dad, who to this day probably doesn’t know what he did, when while driving home from a long days work he got back into his truck after the last customer who happens to be closely related to a member of Turn had handed him a cassette tape of the then soon to be released album antisocial to have a listen. I was 14 years old when my dad stuck that tape into the trucks radio and from that moment on I was officially a music obsessive and a Turn Fan. Now I will try put in some songs that are on youtube the quality of video is not great on there, I should really upload some for people to enjoy.

Turns first ever single.

This is the band whose music I come back to always, three albums several E.P.s and plenty of singles and I listen to everyone with the same joy as the first time I heard it. I’m still searching for physical copies of some things to this day. Its music that brings me back to different times in my life the way a lot of people favourite music does be it good or bad times the music is always there.

Probably the biggest fan favourite.
Turn: Beretta

Now Turns myspace is still online not that much happens there these days but its a view of the last album they released in 2005.You also still see their previous myspace form the album Forward. Their career had all the ups and downs you could possibly have from a music career sadly some of the downs were lower than the height of the ups, but the loyal fan base that Turn built up over the years the ones that turned up to a tent for a mid-day slot in Oxegen and blew the rough off it like it was the last gig of the night have never stopped listening to what in my opinion was one of the best bands this country ever saw.

Now to get to the reason I’m writing this little post, not that I need an excuse to talk about Turn, but I have heard the slight chance of a rumour that Turn will be playing a show at this years Electric Picnic on the Sunday, now this is unconfirmed so im just putting it out there in hope that somebody might no more than me or have heard this rumour to be true. If it is I’ll be buying a €230 Electric picnic ticket for one gig.

Before Turn were Turn, Ian and Ollie were in another band called swampshack who were also very good this is their only song on youtube.

Swampshack: Jeffreys Got a Heart


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