Harry Oakwood (Millionaire) E.P.

25 Jul

When I first heard this band I wasnt quite sure how I felt, the whole band sing, they all play a couple of instruments they have bags of talent all ingredients for a great band. I heard the E.P. before I saw them or heard much about them. While the talent in undeniable I felt It was missing something, it’s a four track E.P. straight off my favourite song is the last one empty chair. The song kicks straight in and bounces all the way through with a nice catchy melody throughout. The lads sight their influences as first and foremost ‘The Band’ along with Patrick Watson, Lowell George and Elliot Smith. The E.P. is full of harmonies and rich instrumentation, I can hear the Elliot Smith vibes in the vocals throughout which is a personal love of mine. For a contemporary comparison think Midlake, Mumford and Sons and Fleet Foxes with a more classic rock feel. While the E.P. is decent, I think I only began to see this band for what they are when I watched some videos on youtube.
Here is a live acoustic version of their song brothers which is on the E.P. but while the E.P. version sounds polished and perfect it misses the energy and feeling that is in this live version.

Here is the band doing justice to a cover of Homeward Bound by Simon and Garfunkel, this is a fantastic cover helped by the orchestra backing, but sounds like the guys could pull this off by themselves all the same. If you can do a Simon and Garfunkel cover this well then its proof you have got talent.

So while I think the E.P. doesn’t sell these lads to the best of their ability, a short venture into the internet will give you a real taste of the style and genre these boys have nailed, could definitely hear some of these tunes doing well on the radio waves.


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