Cfit New video for single ‘The Static’

23 Jul

A beautiful video for an original sound, shot, directed and edited by Jamie Tanner. The video is made of thousands of photos which would have taken some serious man hours to make. Luckily the pay off is a really nice aesthetic that suits the hectically layered sound of the song.

Cfit: The Static

This is a band who have been completely outside my radar till very recently, I can definitely say I have been missing out. They are a seven piece by Noel Duplaa originally as a side project to band Tidal District. Based out of Dublin they are currently recording the follow-up to debut record Triage, which is a delightful surprise to hear. It’s awkwardly anthemic, with a huge sound backed by what I think is the real key some melancholy vocals and lyrics make this bands sound more than just another large outfit with plenty of instrumentation. As a celebration of the release of their new single and video you can also download Triage for free which I would highly recommend you do as soon as possible so you are no longer missing out on what could be one of the most underrated albums of the last couple of years in Ireland. If you want a quick fix right now check out their Breaking Tunes Page to hear some tracks. I would recommend listening to ‘Plausible Deniability’ first, it’s a song you will really wish not to end for at least another minute or two after it does as it builds from the very start. With a lyrical hook as catchy as “stay safe you little psycho” things bode well for their song writing ability in the future. With beautiful instrument loops building from the start with violins, cellos, guitars, harmonies and rattling drums by the end it would be something special to see live.

On first listen sounds like The Cooper Temple Clause, Bloc Party and Echo and the Bunnymen.


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